FULL NAME   Sinikka Piippo 

Helsinki, Finland

Professor (since 1996)
Docent of Botany, University of Helsinki (since 1986)



1974 Graduated from High School, Helsinki
1981 BSc. in biology, University of Helsinki
1981 MSc. in ecologic/systematic botany (minor: zoology and environmental conservation), University of Helsinki (Thesis: Epiphytic bryophytes as climatic indicators in Eastern Fennoscandia)
1984 Lic.Phil. in ecologic/systematic botany, University of Helsinki
1986 Ph.D. in ecologic/systematic botany, University of Helsinki (Doctoral thesis: A monograph of the genera Lepidolejeunea and Luteolejeunea (Lejeuneaceae, Hepaticae)
1986 Docent (lecturer) in botany, University of Helsinki



Technician in Department of Peatland Ecology, University of Helsinki (4 months) 1975
Technician in Botanical Museum, Univ. of Helsinki (3 months) 1979
Technician in Botanical Museum (4 months) 1980
Technician in Botanical Museum (1.5 months) 1981
Acting curator in Botanical Museum (cryptogams; 3 months) 1981
Finnish Academy, assistant 1982
Technician in Botanical Museum (1 month) 1983
Technician in Dept. of Botany (ca. 1 month) 1983
Acting curator in Botanical Museum (6 months) 1986
Appointed as teacher (assistant) in Dept. of Botany 1987–1991, 1993–1997
Acting curator (6 months) within 1987 – 1989
Acting senior curator, Botanical Museum 1.9.1991 – 31.8.1994
Acting division head, Botanical Museum (1 month in 1991–1992) and whole time 1.9.1994–30.9.1995
Appointed as Head of Cryptogams Division (former Kustos), Botanical Museum 1.10.1995
Granted the status of professor 1996



Referee in Annales Botanici Fennici and Acta Botanica Fennica 1993–
Council member of the journal Lindbergia 1992–
Official opponent in public examination of dissertation by J. Hyvönen: A synopsis of genus Pogonatum (Polytrichaceae, Musci), Univ. of Helsinki 1990
Secretary of the Society of East Asiatic Research 1988–1990
Secretary of the Congress of East Asiatic Bryology, Helsinki 1990
Expert in the Committee of endangered plants and animals, Ministry of Environment 1986–1992
Deputy cabinet member of Finnish Bryological Society 1987–1994
Cabinet member of Finnish Bryological Society 1995–2001
NorFA Network of Bryologists, secretary/member 1992–1995
Vice president of the Committee of endangered bryophytes, Ministery of Environment and WWF 1993–1995
President of the Committee of endangered bryophytes, Ministery of Environment and WWF 1996–1998
Board member of the Finnish Museum of Natural History 1995–1997
Expert in the foundation of biological taxonomy of Risto Tuomikoski 1996–2005
Secretary in the foundation of biological taxonomy of Risto Tuomikoski 2000–2005
Board member of the Botanical Garden, University of Helsinki 1995–1998, 1999–2001
Board member of Societas pro Fauna et Flora Fennici 1996–2005
Vice director of Botanical Museum, University of Helsinki 1997–2002
Vice president of the Finnish-Chinese Botanical Foundation 1998–
Costa Rica. A Congress in traditions of medicinal plants. Scientific committee 1999
Union of Biological Sciences, representative of Finnish national committee 2001–2006
President of Finnish Bryological Society 2002–
Vice director of Botanical Museum, University of Helsinki June 2008–Dec. 2009

through exchange programs of the universities, scholarships by the University of Helsinki, Academy of Finland, or Finnish Cultural Foundation etc.

Czech Republic 1982, 1988, 2001; Presentation (1982 The Third Meeting of the Bryologists from Central and East Europe): “Epiphytic mosses as climatic indicators in Eastern Fennoscandia”, (1988 Sixth Meeting of the Central and East European Bryological Working Group): “About the Chinese hepatic flora”
Hungary 1985 (2); Presentation: “Endemism of the bryophyte flora in New Guinea”
Germany 1986, 1996, 1999; Presentation (1996 Symposium über Botanische Systematik und Pflanzengeographie): “On the Sichuan hepatics”
Soviet Union 1990
Finland 1990, 1998; Presentation (1998, Bioscience Days): “Biodiversity of tropical SE Asiatic bryoflora”
Hawaii, USA 1991 Pacific Science Congress; Presentation: “On the affinities of temperate and tropical Asiatic and Australasiatic hepatics”
Jokohama, Japan 1993 XV International Botanical Congress; Invited presentation: “On the present state of study of Western Melanesian Lejeuneaceae”
Manchester, England 1995
Mexico 1995 International Bryological Congress; Presentation: “Phytogeographical diversity of SE Asiatic mosses”
Trondheim, Norway 1995 Nordic Bryological Meeting; Presentation: “History of Finnish bryology”
Beijing, China 1997 IAB symposium on 2000´s bryology; Presentation: “On the hepatic flora of Yunnan”
Sydney, Australia 2001 The Fifth International Flora Malesiana Symposium; Invited presentation: “Introduction to bryofloristic connections of New Guinea Island”


Herbarium studies

Jena, Germany
Geneva, Schwitzerland
Paris, France
London, UK
Nichinan, Japan
Hiroshima, Japan
Nara, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Prague, Czech Republic
Beijing, China
Guangzou, China
Berkeley, USA

Field work outside Finland

Czech Republic
Soviet Union
United States
Costa Rica




Courses in Finnish hepatics (Univ. of Helsinki) since 1986
Courses in tropical bryophytes (Univ. of Helsinki) 1993, 1998, 2000
Course in tropical fruits (Univ. of Helsinki) 1992
Courses in herbarium taxonomy (Univ. of Helsinki) 1989, 1992
Courses in aquatic and peatland bryophytes (Univ. of Helsinki) 1993, 1997
Courses in medicinal and herbal plants (Univ. of Helsinki; and Open University) since 1990
Courses in the use of native plants (Open university; and University of Helsinki) since 1994
Lectures outside the University on medicinal and herbal plants and phytotherapy since 1990

Supervisor of PhD students with graduation year

Xiao-Lan He 1999
Sanna Laaka-Lindberg 2000
Inkeri Ahonen 2005
Aino Juslen 2006


Congresses and field work not included

Scholarship by Finnish Cultural Foundation 12 000 FIM 1983
Scholarship by Emil Aaltonen Foundation (for 3 years´ work) 1983–1985
Exchange scholarship by Academy of Finland to Japan (2 months) 1986
Exchange scholarship by Academy of Finland to China (3 weeks) 1989
Scholarship by Finnish Cultural Foundation (to compile Finnish hepatic flora) in total 80 000 FIM 1997, 1998
Finnish Academy for the project “Phylogeny of liverworts, the least known group of land plants” 272.810 € 2003–2006
Ministry of Education 3000 € (books) 2004
WSOY foundation scholarship 2000 € (books) 2004
WSOY foundation scholarship (Piippo & Salo) 2000 € (books) 2005
Scholarship by Finnish Cultural Foundation (Piippo & Salo) (books) 10000 € 2005
Suomen tietokirjailijat 2500 € (books) 2005
WSOY foundation scholarship (Koponen & Piippo) 2000 € (books) 2006



Tietokirjailijapalkinto/Non-fiction Writer Award 2006



Phylogeny of liverworts, the least known group of land plants 2003–2006



Luonnon Tutkija (editorial board) 1989–1994
Acta Bryolichenologica Asiatica (editorial board) 1990–1993
Publications of the Finnish Association of East Asian Studies (editorial board) 1990–1992
Bryobrothera (editorial board) 1992–
Bryobrothera (editor in chief) 1992, 1999, 2001
Annales Botanici Fennici & Acta Botanica Fennica (advisory board) 1993–
Bryobrotherella (editor) 1998–
Editor of Enroth, J., Piippo, S. & Hyvönen, J. (eds.): Timo Koponen Festschrift. Bryobrothera 5: i-iv, 1-314. 1999.
Editor of Acta Bot. Fennica 1999. Vol. 165. Bryophyte flora of the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea. LX-LXIV.
Editor of Fang, Y.-M. & Koponen, T. 2001: A revision of Thuidium, Haplocladium, and Claopodium (Musci, Thuidiaceae) in China. – Bryobrothera 6: 1-81.
Chenia (editorial board).



Finnish, English, Swedish, German, Spanish, French, Japanese